Parental/Guardian Support

Cooperation and support from each Scout's family are absolute necessities for the BSA and Troop programs to be successful. When a Scout registers with Troop 361, his parent or guardian is assumed to have obligated himself / themselves to provide some form of support based upon parental skills. Parents/guardians should advise the Scoutmaster or Committee Chairman of their particular interests and the way in which they can contribute to the Troop's Scouting program which is there to benefit their son and his peers.

Troop functions will require help at certain times. Requests for assistance will be rotated as much as possible. For example, parental support may be needed in the transportation of Scouts to and from campouts, camporees, and other Scouting activities.

Parental/guardian support is also solicited to provide assistance in the various areas of expertise for an active merit badge program. A wide range of interest areas is available to each Scout, but each merit badge requires adult supervision and assistance. We ask all parents/guardians to complete the merit badge survey and notify the Troop Committee member responsible for advancement to advise how they can supper an active and comprehensive merit badge program.

Parents/guardians are expected to attend Courts of Honor. This is the opportunity for each Scout's progress to be duly recognized by the Troop and the Scout's family. It is an important occasion which also recognizes the achievements of a successful troop program designed by and for the boys.