Once a Scout has obtained his First Class Rank opportunities for advanced leadership training are available to him. They include but are not limited to the following:

Internal Troop training. This training opportunity involves the Scouts chosen to staff the troop for a period of six months. The Scouts meet with the Scoutmaster to learn additional leadership skills, to learn specifics about how the troop operates, and to build team skills among leadership.

Den Chief training. This training opportunity is offered by the District to provide leadership skills to Scouts who would like to work with the younger Cub Scouts and Webelos. Many of these Scouts had Den Chiefs that mentored to them when they were in the Cub Program. This training is generally offered in the Fall when Packs are forming. Scouts must be of First Class rank and approved by their Scoutmaster to attend.

Adult Training.   Adults are expected to complete required training for their positions.  Please see  Pacific Harbors Council Homepage for more information about scheduling adult training.

Other Council Programs. Additional opportunities are available through programs provided by other Councils or the National Boy Scouts.