Camping and Outing procedure

Unless informed otherwise, you should assume the following arrangements apply to all troop outings and campouts.

  1. An activity information sheet will be provided with details and a permission/information slip which is to be returned.
  2. The lower portion of the permission slip needs to be returned to the Scout's Patrol Leader or Troop Guide by the deadline stated, if the Scout wishes for plans to be made for his transportation.
  3. Any necessary fees must be returned by the given deadline. The patrols are responsible for setting and collecting food fees. The Troop Scribe will not collect individual fees.
  4. A sack lunch, including drink, may be needed for the first meal on the outing or Scout may eat before coming to outing. Be sure and check the plan beforehand.
  5. Patrols need to plan for any coolers and ice necessary for their food. Joint use of large coolers is encouraged.
  6. Each patrol should include at least one roll of paper towels and one full roll of toilet tissue in their supplies for each campout.
  7. The troop will assemble at 6:00PM in the Sunrise United Methodist Church parking lot to depart.
  8. Class "A" uniform will be worn correctly by all registered members while traveling to and from an activity or campout. This is a BSA National requirement which is related to insurance coverage.
    • Walkman radios, gameboys, and other portable electronic amusements may be used while traveling, provided they do not disturb others. Any and all such devices will be locked in the vehicles upon arrival at the campsite or activity area until time to travel again.