In order to establish a consistent manner of determining whether certain advancement requirements have been met; the following standard is established for Troop 361, Federal Way, Washington. This standard applies to the active participation requirements for Star Scout, Life Scout, and Eagle Scout.

Active Participation is defined as meeting or exceeding the standards regarding both meetings and outings listed below.

Meetings. Attendance at 60% or more in each consecutive month for which participation is sought. Meeting attendance means being present the entire time period when the meeting is scheduled to occur.

Outings. Attendance at 60% or more of all the troop/patrol outings scheduled during the months for which participation is sought. Attendance at an outing means that the Scout is present for the entire time period, if the event is a day-only event, or that the Scout spends at least one night camping on an overnight event.

Responsibility. Each Scout is responsible for his attendance and behavior. The troop scribe is responsible for accurately recording attendance, or for assuring that recording is done in his absence.

Exceptional Circumstances. A Scout who believes that he has an exceptional circumstance that justifies the waiving of part or all of this standard may request that waiver from the registered troop committee. He must present the entire circumstances, including the affect this waiver might have on other Scouts' attendance.  A Scout requesting a waiver must make the presentation personally after being scheduled by the troop committee chairman.