It is often a bit of a shock when new Scouts come home saying they need a lot of expensive clothing and gear. They may not understand that the nice gear owned by some of the older Scouts was collected over a period of time.

For purchasing all of the BSA uniform supplies, we recommend:

  • Pacific Harbors Council Store located in Tacoma.  This is the preferred location for all 
    Scouting equipment purchases.
  • BSA catalog.

Please be aware that there is a Scout outlet in Edgewood that has BSA equipment.  This particular store, while located within Pacific Harbors Council, is actually associated with Chief Seattle Council and caters primarily to LDS Scouts and Scouters in Puyallup and Enumclaw who live within Pacific Harbors borders but are chartered to Chief Seattle.  When you shop at this store, your purchases support Chief Seattle and detract from Pacific Harbors.  We recommend that you please use the Pacific Harbors Council store located in Tacoma to help keep funds in our area instead of in Seattle.  

Although the camping gear sold at the BSA shops is of high quality, it may be more expensive than gear sold at sporting goods stores or in the camping departments of discount stores like REI, GI-Joe's, Wal-Mart, Target, or K-Mart. In addition, many good deals have been found at garage sales or from older Scouts. The Patrol Leaders or any of the adults in the Troop are good sources of advice.

Basic Equipment List

*1. BSA Class A - Green Uniform per Uniforming Standard

*2. The Boy Scout Handbook

*3. Back pack or duffel bag (boy must be able to carry all of his own equipment)

*4. Sleeping bag or a blanket and sheet

*5. Canteen or water bottle '

*6. Poncho or rain suit

*7. Utensil kit (knife, spoon, fork)

*8. Drinking cup and plate or mess kit

*9. Personal first aid kit (Talk with Patrol Leader first. Malting a personal first aid kit is part of early rank requirements.)

10. Flashlight, plus extra batteries and light bulb

11. Bug repellent (no aerosol cans)

*12. Pocket knife (may carry only after earning Totin' Chip)

* Essential