Uniform Standard

The purpose of this standard is to give guidance to Scouts and Scouters in Troop 361 so they know what is expected and what is proper in certain situations.

CLASS A- Full Green

  • Official BSA uniform shirt with correct insignia 
  • Troop 361 neckerchief
  • Official BSA headgear
  • Official BSA Scout belt
  • Official BSA uniform shorts/pants or Forest Green camouflage pants
  • Appropriate socks (BSA socks required with shorts)
  • Merit Badge Sash
  • Leather or athletic shoes

Full Class A uniform is required for all Scoutmaster Conferences and Boards of Review.  Class A uniforms should be worn at all troop meetings, at all Flag ceremonies, while traveling to/from any Scout outing -- including Summer Camp, and at all district or council functions.

Merit badge sashes are worn over the shoulder (never on the belt) and normally only at Troop Courts of Honor.  We recommend that you keep your merit badge sash stored away carefully so that it does not become lost or worn.