Bahamas sailing and diving with Blackbeard Cruises in Nassau 2016

Once again we headed to the Bahamas and when diving with the Blackbeard Crew. But before we when to the Bahamas, All but one of the boys had their diving certification, and did earned their Scuba Diving Merit Badge. Both Adults and boys snorkeled.

We when two day early, left Thursday morning to the east coast, then on to Nassau, where we meet up with the Blackbeard Cruises. We had a short adventure before the trip.

We lived on the sailing ship for the week. The boys help with cooking, cleaning and sailing the ship.

We had up to four dives a day depending where we end up, including some night dives. There was a great shark dive include too. Some dive site were very good snorkeling too.

All boys and adults that when and became certified pass a 200 yard swim test, they needed permission from their Doctor. Their diving class begin in March of 2016.


Blackbeard cruses:          $919 per-person

Port fee:              $95 per-person

The following cost are estimate only:

Airfares:               $850 to $950      

Lodging, Extra food, Ground Transportation:       $250 to $350

Dive instruction:               $300 to $400

Passport:             $80 to $110

Plus any Dive gear rentals:           $180 to $200


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Nassau, Bahamas
07/07/2016 to 07/15/2016